This year trends suggest that children will wear clothes of bright colors.

Сhild fashion Pants to the knees

Сhild fashion Pants to the knees

Children’s fashion: bright modernity

Sometimes it is necessary to think about the clothing for little boys and girls, because they like to look good and fashionable. Fashion shows Valencia (Spain), Florence (Italy) and London (England) with regular participation of European companies usually tells us the latest trends. Acid colors and cute details crimson, pink or red set in a nautical theme and colorful prints will fill store shelves this year. What really is fashionable and will appeal to the child and his peers?

Сhild fashion Pants to the knees baby boys

Сhild fashion Pants to the knees baby boys


Pants to the knees

This is undoubtedly the trend of the room alone. Trousers-Bermuda shorts appeared this season in men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, but they especially stand out in the collections for boys. Bermuda shorts is a well-fitting long shorts to the knees. They are often of greater length than normal shorts. They must, because of their length, possess an uncanny ability to create the summer-and at the same time decent, slightly austere appearance. They often look as if they were made to order.

You can find different colors of these shorts: one-color, striped, print, plaid, or clipped lapels, light, or holding the drop-form, free-style or elegant. The market represented a huge selection shape a style.

Street fashion – shirts & jackets Navy colors

These street jackets and t-shirts are very fashionable and at the same time comfortable. They create a modern street look.


Baby boys fashion 2016

Baby boys fashion 2016

Slim blazer

This blazer will want to buy your child any stylish mom. This is the kind of thing that should be in every closet. A well-fitting blazer is a perfect fit and does not hinder movement. It can be worn over a shirt or plain t-shirt. Correctly selected details create the unique graceful style.

Nautical theme

A little corny nautical theme continues to inspire European designers, which obviously can not fully enjoy the peaceful lines, clear-cut, crisp blue and white stripes, anchors and images of marine animals.

Add red

Tired of blue and white? Add the red. Thick scarlet paint will immediately evoke a pristine marine combination. Small Patriotic touch is added in this style.

child fashion 2016

child fashion 2016

Bright prints and pictures

New look t-shirts and shorts added an artwork, often occupying the entire space of the fabric. Rich purple, orange, berry and coral colors will replace the pastel shades and naughty neon line.

children’s fashion

Neutral clothing

Wild energy is replaced by bright colors soft, gray, brown and white colors. Mixed with flowing lines and lush, with light neutral fabrics, these suits sit perfectly. Artistic layering properly placed accessories is the key to creating this timeless style.

Recently in Spain held a fair for children’s clothing. It was a successful exhibition, which is called Little Barcelona. This exhibition shows how strong the segment is children’s fashion in the universal fashion industry of today.

On the latest children’s fashion shows Calvin Klein chose a short denim skirt and a nautical theme, while Guess, the American brand children’s clothing, adhered to the more informal styles such as broad t-shirts, jeans, and extremely comfortable loose light clothing.
On the other hand the combination of trousers three quarter length jackets with knitted acidic colors and a striped Polo became a strong trend of today and the graphic image on t-shirts in the style of the sixties, skirts, baggy pants.

London screenings bowed to street styles with bright acid colors in clothing for children from two to ten years, at the same time it is possible to see more traditional colors, jerseys and high-quality clothing for kids.

This year trends suggest that children will wear clothes of bright colors. Colorful graphic image on t-shirts and dresses and street style come into fashion.



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