Long sleeve maxi dress maternity

Fashion 2016-2017 white maternity maxi dress

Fashion 2016-2017 white maternity maxi dress

Dress maternity

In online stores you will find gorgeous dressy and casual dresses for pregnant women. They do not constrain movements, not tight to the figure, not accentuate something you don’t wish to emphasize. Now more and more manufacturers maternity clothing strive to create models of universal cut, which you could wear after the birth. Note model dresses for pregnant women presented in our online store. Agree that after giving birth You don’t have to stow them away in the dresser or to give to a friend who got pregnant. Dress sewn in this way that You will confidently be able to wear them after the baby is born. Our dresses for pregnant you can buy at any stage of Your pregnancy, thanks to the original cut, they will be good for You in early pregnancy and does not become small in the end.

Fashion dresses for pregnant women. What in Vogue?


Among the styles you can mark straight and a-shaped silhouettes. Their distinctive feature – high-waisted, especially in the latter case. Often it is accentuated by the belt or silk ribbon, with ties that adjust the waist. Some direct models have tucks at the top of the bodice. Shape oval neck or cowl neck, there are styles with v-neck, sometimes on the buttons. The sleeves are mostly long dresses, elbow length or three quarter. Long sleeve maxi dress maternity to wear the company turtlenecks or shirts as a dress, or complement, knitted cardigan, cardigan. Sometimes the sleeves have a cuff. The hem of the dress straight or flared in the form of a cylinder. Decor in all models is quite modest, the main decoration of the stands bright color or print. The most common zone, and the simulation application, for example, stripes at the hem, different bows.

Fashion 2016 maternity dress foto

Fashion 2016 maternity dress

If we talk about length, it is often dresses MIDI length, knee length or just above. Long dresses, not many, as, indeed, short. Medium length is the most optimal and convenient, especially for colder weather. Knitted dresses often have straight cuts and convex, pattern binding, which serves as an additional decoration. Sleeves can be short or long. They can add other warm knitted accessories. Will look good knitted cardigans, loose-knit sweaters, scarves, snudy, if the dress without a collar-clamp, knitted gloves, mittens, gaiters, bandages on his head. Also such a dress can be complemented with trousers or leggings and wear it as a tunic. Designers offer a large palette of fashionable colors for sleeve maxi dress maternity. The basic colors are shades of brown that look good with winter and autumn clothes, black, light grey and beige. The latter looks good in bright colors, and also available in pink beige and yellow beige. From bright colors notice the turquoise and blue hues. And colors like red, blue, green. Interesting shades can be found among muted saturated colors. For example, it can be wine, brick, calm orange, blue mixed with gray. Prints among many cells, stripes and geometric patterns.

Maternity maxi dress

Many pregnant women underestimate their appearance and try all possible ways to cover the belly. But it is full beauty use a lot of attention from the opposite sex and look very impressive even at first glance, the simple outfits. This girl has something to be proud of, the main thing competently to demonstrate their charms to wear a fashionable dress with long sleeve, and distract attention from the shortcomings.

Black maternity maxi dress

Black maternity maxi dress

Pregnancy inspires fashion designers to create styles of dresses maternity these masterpieces. Among the models of short and long dresses, loose and form-fitting. Designers use all the tricks and techniques to make the perfect silhouette and to emphasize the seductive shape. About the most fashionable models of dresses for maternity we will tell you in this article.

Styles of dresses maternity

Styles of dresses 2016 maternity Express all the sensuality and femininity of their owners. Bodycon dress for full fitting silhouette was considered the most popular among women with luxurious forms. Look best those models that upper body is already doing visually – for example, with American armholes or strapless.

The style of “minimalism” has all the tools for a easy and slim silhouette. Loose-fitting, narrower hem, V-shaped neckline and nothing more. Most everyday models based on this style of dress for b.
Available models A-line eliminate unnecessary bulk and make the image more dynamic. Especially, you should pay attention to the styles of long dresses and dresses with the smell. Designers actively use a combination of several textures to give the dress more eye-catching. Various combinations of lace, fur and leather create the right mood and give along festivity.


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