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The clothes in the stores are updated simultaneously with the wardrobe for adults. Many parents, choosing new clothes for your child, increasingly reflect not only that the child was comfortable and warm, but that the clothes were fashionable. This is especially true of the spring-summer season, when the cold is retreating, and you receive much more opportunities to demonstrate nice coat or a nice dress. Children’s fashion has its trends and patterns. What designers offer for spring-summer 2016?

Baby girls clothes summer 2016 foto

Baby girls clothes summer 2016

The main trend in children’s fashion 2016 is creativity. In the future season will become popular military style, retro, street style, sport style. In the tissue preference will be given to the Jersey. The characteristic feature will be metallic and shiny textures, pastel colors. A special role will have camouflage coloring, which can be bright and even colorful.

Other designers expressed a preference for an adult cut and turned to the series “mother-daughter”, “father and son”. Here the emphasis is on black, grey, ink, shades and quality of fabric used corduroy and velvet.
Also in fashion will remain Scandinavian print, red, cherry, turquoise, blue and Burgundy color. In fashion girls will appear original model with lurex, lace and sequins. Enter the active use of tweed jackets, macro boucle, jacquard embroidery.

Kids fashion for girls from Oksana Fedorova

Children’s world together with Oksana Fedorova presented a colourful summer collection for girls and boys. Fashion children presents things denim, clothes in a nautical theme, dresses with prints, t-shirts and bright accessories.

Kids fashion boys spring-summer 2016

Collections of children’s clothes for boys fashion spring-summer 2016, photo examples proves, filled with lightness, tender, but bold colors, prints positive and creative solutions.

Spring fashion 2016 for boys — news and photos

Classic style for the trendy boy of 2016, costumes included “two” and “three” pastel shades. Very popular this season sporty style. A variety of spring jackets with zippers, rivets and buttons are decorated with inscriptions and bright accents. Sneakers and baseball caps is still relevant. Light sweaters and sweaters cotton knitwear, vests and trousers, straight cut create a stylish spring ensemble.

Boys fashion clothes spring 2016

Boys fashion clothes spring 2016

Boys who prefer convenience and ease, will be able to choose denim suits. Hipsters will find plenty of spring accessories as scarves, belts, cap. Fashionable spring shoes for boys shoes, sneakers, classic dress shoes-oxfords.

2016 summer fashion for boys — news, trends, photos

The main emphasis of the summer children’s fashion made of fabric. This hypoallergenic natural matter, in which the children will always be comfortable and convenient. Summer fashion clothes for boys in 2016 is designed for active movement and mobility. Most summer boys ‘ suits made of stretch fabric. In fashion also t-shirts and shirts with geometric prints. Velcro sandals, sneakers and classic shoes with perforations will be a great solution for the hot period of the year.


Fashion for the little ones spring-summer 2016

Children’s fashion of the season spring-summer 2016 is the brightness, comfort and a great variety of styles. General tendency brands – creating children’s clothing on samples of adult models, the rejection is too “cute” dresses and suits, as children want to emulate their parents. Especially this trend is manifested in the establishment of outerwear.

Girls trends clothes spring 2016 foto

Girls trends clothes spring 2016

Palette of fashionable colors affects the colors: the trend in almost all colors of the rainbow. The choice is huge — orange, yellow, purple, blue… And in a fashion as bright flashy colors and pastel shades. Always popular and white. As for prints, at the peak of popularity – a Maritime theme (i.e. clothing striped), small checks, geometric patterns. Designers also offer flower colors, traditional images of animals and fairy tale characters.


Fashion children girls spring-summer 2016

Of course, speaking about children’s fashion, we first of all imagine clothes for girls. In the spring collections offered these styles of outerwear, like trench coats, woollen coats hooded coats sleeveless jackets and traditional bright colors. Those who are interested in children fashion, dress, probably care about the most. This season will be actual familiar baby doll, model straight cut and A-line. Designers offer a variety of gowns with various details of decoration: beads, beads, sequins, three-dimensional appliques, overhead collars or bows. If we talk about materials, for everyday wear fit knitted dress, models of cotton and linen. Very relevant jeanswear. For the gala event can be purchased delicate dress made of silk. The most fashionable skirts of spring / summer 2016 is a lush, multi-layered model. Clothes for young fashionistas can be safely complemented interesting accessories, such as headbands, flowers hair clips, colourful beads, bracelets and scarves.


Kids fashion boys spring-summer 2016 — trends and novelties

Baby clothes for boys is more conservative than the clothes for little princesses. Designers traditionally offer pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts. However, it is worth noting that the jeans have a special place in the 2016 season. In General, fashion trends, mainly in the colors. As noted above, the actual striped (nautical theme) and cage. The collection of clothing for boys can be traced and ethnic motifs.


Fashionable children’s shoes spring-summer 2016 trends and photo

For boys shoes also in diversity. Boots and sandals with clasps and without always relevant. In the collections for girls occupies a leading position shoes flat shoes – loafers and ballet flats. And this season will be a popular Shoe as leather and textiles. Shoes can be decorated with beads and sequins. For young children it is better to choose shoes with Velcro: this is the most practical.

Baby trends clothes spring 2016 foto

Baby trends clothes spring 2016

The world of children’s fashion is a space for imagination. Many mothers sew clothes for their children independently. For example, for those familiar with the magazine Burda fashion kids 2016 becomes very affordable, because in publishing you can find all the necessary patterns and tips for sewing. Also for moms, which carries children fashion, photos, 2016 will be very useful: on our site you can find interesting ideas. Recently become increasingly popular clothing catalogs. When buying a child’s wardrobe it is very convenient, because with a child is usually rather difficult for a long time to go shopping, and with the help of catalog you can select all from the comfort of home.

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