Fashion children winter-spring 2016

Child fashion winter foto

Child fashion winter

Young moms a lot of time paying their appearance, forgetting that children also want, worn not only comfortable, but also stylish. After all, young ladies are always stylish imitate their mothers and boys tend to look like their dad. Well, the choice of things for kids no less than adults. Create a children’s collection that show on the catwalks of the world. The designers present a wide variety of things, trying to take into account the interests of all children. Let’s look at how to dress your baby in the new autumn-winter 2016-2017 season that he would feel confident and comfortable.

Popular styles of children’s clothing fall-winter 2016-2017

On the catwalks were presented outfits made in classic and ethnic style, appropriate well as a variety of applique, embroidery, bows and ruffles. Children’s wardrobe includes everything a fashionable trend, appropriate adult wardrobe. In the hands of a young model kept small fur handbags, toys and dolls.

Girls fashion in new year

Girls fashion in new year


Fashionable basics for the child’s fall-winter 2016-2017

Fashionable in the new season jackets with hoods that will provide comfort while walking, both boys and girls. For kids designers has developed a line of stylish and comfortable coat with fur trimming the cuffs, pockets, and hoods that perfectly complement the image of kids.
In the winter time can not do without a variety of dresses that are perfect for everyday wear and for special occasions.
On the catwalks you can find dresses in Western and Eastern style. Bright models in a classic style with a low waist, and lush multi-layered skirts, lace dresses decorated with ribbons, banks and all kinds of ruffle definitely will appeal not only to you but to your child. Can not do without in the fall and winter tunics, complete with leggings, leggings or jeans will create a warm and stylish way.
Great choices of men’s suits the three were presented on the catwalks of the world. They are ideal for everyday wear at school. There were also presented various shirts white and pastel colors. For winter time period to the boy as possible, by the way, have woolen vest. It is perfect for keeping your little one. Girls school uniform includes all kinds of dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, turtlenecks and shirts in pastel colours.

Fashion color children’s clothing autumn-winter 2015-2016

Of course, kids love all bright and colorful, so on the catwalks were presented a lot of models of colorful flowers, also used the original fabric of metallic colors, made of gold and skin of reptiles. In the children’s collections also meet the fashionable prints of the new season, this variety of floral, geometric, ethnic, text and other prints. Colorful images of animals, landscapes and animal prints, which are relevant in children’s clothes and adult. The new season also popular all colors of denim.
Children’s clothes should be not only beautiful but also convenient. In the process she must create an uncomfortable and hamper movement about it should not be forgotten

Kids fashion spring-summer 2016


The main trend in children’s fashion 2016 is creativity. In the future season will become popular military style, retro, street style, sport style. In the tissue preference will be given to the Jersey. The characteristic feature will be metallic and shiny textures, pastel colors. A special role will have camouflage coloring, which can be bright and even colorful.

Baby dresses for the Holiday season at Dior girlswear

Baby dresses for the Holiday season at Dior girlswear

Other designers expressed a preference for an adult cut and turned to the series “mother-daughter”, “father and son”. Here the emphasis is on black, grey, ink, shades and quality of fabric used corduroy and velvet.

Also in fashion will remain Scandinavian print, red, cherry, turquoise, blue and Burgundy color. In fashion girls will appear original model with lurex, lace and sequins. Enter the active use of tweed jackets, macro boucle, jacquard embroidery.


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