Amazon baby registry

Check on Amazon baby registry gives access to the full functionality of the site. Full browsing pages of products, communication with vendors, making purchases and paying for them – all this is possible only after creating an account on the website, or simply registration.

Where to register Amazon baby.

In addition to American Amazon.com, there are 10 branches of site in various countries, such as Brazil, Canada, the UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, India and China. They all have different domain names – Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de Amazon.ca, Amazon.fr and others.

Registration for Amazon.com – the main version of the website is sufficient to be able to go to any version of the site under a single login and password. The delivery address is also entered once and stored in a personal account.

How to register on Amazon baby

Registration on Amazon baby is free and consists of just few steps. Before you register for Amazon.com create a separate e-mail for registration in the online stores (preferably on a reliable service type gmail.com not cause problems when registering at the international sites), or use the one that you have already registered on other online sites.

1 — Go to the website Amazon.com

2 — In the upper right corner of the page is the inscription “Hello. Sign in. Your Account”.

3 — In the drop-down list we find the words “New customer? Start here” and click on the link.

How to register on Amazon baby

How to register on Amazon baby

You will see form with fields to fill in. Please note – depending on the browser, the appearance of the registration form may differ.
My name is / Your name
My e-mail address / Email
Type it again / Email again
My mobile phone number is / Mobile phone  This field is optional (not required). Phone number required for notification – for example, to send notifications about the statuses of the parcels. However, in the USA the newsletter is not produced.
Enter a new password / password – the password for your account on Amazon. Create a strong password – consisting of numbers and letters of different register. Don’t use passwords already used in other sites. Remember the password or record it in a safe place and never share.
It again Type / Password again – enter the password again.

Register on Amazon baby

Register on Amazon baby

Fill in all the fields, click Create Account / Create Your Amazon Account. Next, click on the link in the email that is sent to e-mail, entered during account registration, and confirm your registration. Unconfirmed accounts after a few days blocked by the website.

Now you have access to the full functionality of the site.

The delivery address and card details can be entered when making the first purchase on the website, and can be paid in advance.

After registering, you will be able to buy different clothes for girls and boys. A wide variety of fashionable clothing and accessories for newborns and kids of any age.


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